BikeComputer for iPhone/iPad App released / veröffentlicht

After more than a half year of work it is finally out there : BikeComputer for iPhone/iPad is released and available in the app store. The app has not yet all the functionality of the Android app, but the most important: the offline maps!

If you like BikeComputer, recommend it to your friends who have an iPhone/iPad to give it a try. There is only one free version of the app, which will have some purchasable functionality inside. You can also unlock all functionality, which is actually at a very fair price. This purchase will not be consumed in future versions!

Click here to go to the app store

Improved map download and Polar license

I have reissued the map selection and the map download. It should be lots easier now to handle. Most of All the maps can be downloaded directly in the app now.

Finally I got a license from Polar and so I’m actually integrating I’ve integrated Polar Bluetooth belts into BikeComputer Pro. There is visual and audio feedback of it, featuring also sport zones which you are able to adjust to fit your needs.

As questions come up which strap is compatible : there are Polar straps compatible with Android and straps for iPhone. It is important not to mix them up! I have this one.


BikeComputer Pro now also count your calories. Enter your weight, the weight of your bike and the type of your bike and your energy consumption will be calculated according to this.

I will go to Mallorca for cycling the next week and won’t be able to answer mails.

3.0 released

I’ve just uploaded the update. The feedback for the new design was quite positive, lets see how you like it. Pro is now featuring offline routing and audio feedback. It was quite a lot of work, I hope you’ll enjoy it riding out there. May spring come soon!

Update coming up

Hi folks,

I’m working on a bigger update which I hope to conclude in the following weeks. There will be offline routing and I have made an update of the layout. What do you think about it? I got rid in of the blue and thought about something more neutral!


Do you like it

  • I like it! (86%, 32 Votes)
  • I liked the old one more... (14%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 37

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Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas!
BikeComputer has been released nearly a year ago, and this first year was a success. Thank you for it! I’m working on the iPhone version to complete it until spring. But also the Android version will get new features as soon they work and are tested. Due to the weather this is currently difficult to realise. But spring will come 😀

Video Tutorial

I made a video tutorial explaining the functions of BikeComputer Pro. Until now its in German, I will add either an english version or subtitles in the next days.

Have fun!




There is an update for Pro and Free!
BikeComputer now supports the offline maps of With them you can have cycling tracks and elevation lines on offline maps. You need a special file from the website for your region. Download it, select it in the app, activate the theme, done!
As the OpenStreetMap Routing Server was down for some time I added the possibility to use Google for routing.
Additionally I revised the overlays for less memory consumption and more stability. As it is quite a heavy change it may cause some errors at the beginning, report them please!

New features – Neue Funktionen

BikeComputer Pro hast got another major update.
In the next weeks I won’t have a lot time and will only be able to correct bugs.

  • support for barometric sensor: If you phone features it, elevation will be measured a lot more exact than using the GPS
  • new backgrounds for the driving values: black on white for better contrast and a green one I had still around from the beginning
  • track colors customizable: all colors of tracks(track, route, import) are editable
  • Landscape-Mode : in Landscape you can set to use only one column of values
  • delayed save of sessions: if selected, sessions will only be saved having a certain distance

Grenzübergreifende Karten – Cross-Border Maps

As people are repeatedly asking for cross-border maps:
Up to now there are two three :
Germany/France in the area Saarland, Lothringen, Rheinland-Pfalz
Germay/France/Switzerland in the area Freiburg, Basel, Zürich

If you have created one and would like to share it, contact me!
If you need another one, try the tutorial !