Update : Android Pro Version

After a long development, repeated rejections and new beginnings here they come: turn by turn instructions! After the release as audio feedback now coming with next update of the Pro version also visually.
The turn instructions are generated when creating the route. As only Google and CloudMade offer them, one of them needs to be selected as routing server. This is visualized in the list of saved routes through the directions icon.
The turn by turn instructions are displayed by default if you have selected a route with instructions for the ride. If you don’t want them to show up, you can turn them off in the ride view settings.
Routes that do not have turn by turn instructions, can subsequently receive them. Selected for “download instructions” in the context of a route.
GPX imports currently can not be equipped with turn directions. But I think about a solution.
Since the GPX import was lately difficult to find, I’ve changed the arrangement and hope to have that clarified.

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