Improved map download and Polar license

I have reissued the map selection and the map download. It should be lots easier now to handle. Most of All the maps can be downloaded directly in the app now.

Finally I got a license from Polar and so I’m actually integrating I’ve integrated Polar Bluetooth belts into BikeComputer Pro. There is visual and audio feedback of it, featuring also sport zones which you are able to adjust to fit your needs.

As questions come up which strap is compatible : there are Polar straps compatible with Android and straps for iPhone. It is important not to mix them up! I have this one.

3 thoughts on “Improved map download and Polar license

  1. Have you tested your app with a Bluetooth 4.0 heart rate strap on a Android 4.4 phone? The latest android version 4.4 kitkat now supports Bluetooth 4.0 and many android phones can now use BLE (Bluetooth low energy). The benefit is less battery drain.

    I want to buy a strap but would prefer the Polar H7 strap. I have a Nexus 4.

    • Hi Brian,

      this is on my ToDo list. Don’t have yet a BT 4 strap but I will work on this until spring.



  2. Hallo,
    verstanden mit den kompatiblen Gurten soweit, danke
    Denkst Du, dieser (codiert) könnte auch funktionnieren?
    Polar Wearlink Brustgurt mit Sender 31 Coded

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